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Columbus Concepts

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Columbus Concepts: products for the enthusiast of the oriental kitchen!

Being introduced to Columbus Concepts is being introduced to the oriental kitchen! Columbus Concepts is producer and wholesaler of a very complete and also very varied assortment of oriental products


Among other things we present more than 100 sorts of herbs and spices; a large variety of sauces in well-known varieties, as well a exclusive varieties like oystersauce, hot peppersauce and saoes-ramas, chilipastes, soysauces, shrimpcrackers, fried onions and many other ricetableproducts.


Our concepts stand out by the combination of authenticity and accessibility. The products of our mark Asli are produced with care, according to original recipes. So, you can allways expect a product of high quality, produced in accordance with oriental norms. At the same time Columbus Concepts makes the oriental kitchen accessible for everybody.

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Columbus Concepts vindt het produceren van producten die voldoen aan de hoogst mogeliijke kwaliteit zeer belangrijk.Daarom heeft Columbus Concepts een eigen kwaliteitsdienst die de kwaliteit en hygi√ęne gedurende de productie...


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