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Assortment / Sauces & Marinades
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Sauces & Marinades

The assortment consists of 25 sorts of oriental sauces and marinades, packed in nice bottles from 275 ml. 5 sorts of sauces are also available in small plastic dishes (cups) of 100 gram, namely cocktail-, garlic-, chili-, barbecue- and currysauce.
We draw your attention especially to our sauce boxes: the Gourmet box and the Barbecue box. These well designed boxes contain 5 different sauces. Ideal for barbecue, gourmet, fondue and stone grill.
The soy sauce (ketjap) is available in 3 sizes: 110 ml, 250 ml and 490 ml and two in varieties: Manis (sweet) and Asin (regular). Our soy sauce is an authentic soy sauce, prepared with fermented soya beans.