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Columbus Concepts

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About us

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Columbus Concepts: products for the Oriental cuisine lover

Columbus Concepts is producer and wholesaler of a very complete and also very varied assortment of oriental products. Our assortment consists of:

  • Herbs and spices: about 100 different sorts, packed in jars with dredger.
  • Sauces: a various assortment original and tasty sauces and marinades.
  • Boemboes: fresh liquid spice mixtures for the preparation of authentic oriental dishes.
  • Chili pastes (sambals), different varieties, produced according to our own original recipes.
  • Soy sauces (ketjaps): original soysauce, prepared with fermented soya beans.
  • Shrimp crackers (kroepoek): different sorts, packed in a nice bag with window.
  • Rice table garnishing products: fresh seroendeng, piquant potato sticks, fried onions, etc.

Our concept stands out by the combination of authenticity and accessibility. Authenticity: Our products are produced with care, according to original recipes. So, you can allways expect an high-quality product, which is produced in accordance with oriental norms. Accessibility: At the same time Columbus Concepts makes the oriental cuisine accessible for everyone. A laborious indonesian dish or a complete rice table... with our products you prepare it quickly.

Almost all our products are available in consumer packing as well as in large-scale consumption packing.

Besides our mark ASLI, all our products are available as private label products too.
The products can be supplied in any packing you wish. If you want to have further information, please contact us without any obligations and we inform you our possibilities.